5 Safety Tips to consider when using a Learning Tower

5 Safety Tips to consider when using a Learning Tower

Learning Towers are an extremely handy item to have with Toddlers, particularly in the Kitchen. The most important thing to remember about Learning Tower Safety is that these guidelines are not a substitute for adult supervision. You should always be within arms reach of your child and supervise them at all times.

Before you invest in a Learning Tower it’s wise to do some research and establish that the Tower you’re considering has at the very least, been professionally manufactured. 

Secondly, review the company’s policy regarding materials. Not just whether the materials used are safe for the environment, but more importantly whether the materials used are safe to have around your children, whether the manufacturer can guarantee that the materials do not have toxic fumes being emitted into your living environment. Whether the manufacture can assure you that the paints and varnishes used, are low VOC (volatile organic compounds found in paint fumes) or non toxic.

Below we have listed 5 Safety Tips that will ensure you are providing your little one with the safest environment, whilst they are using their Learning Tower.

1. Be Cautious
Ready to use the Learning Tower in the Kitchen or Bathroom? Be careful! Make sure you have checked that all poisonous, sharp or hazardous items have been put away, out of your child’s reach. 

2. That's HOT
Just like the tip above this is about being careful! Please keep your children and the Learning Tower away from all HOT surfaces such as; Hotplates, Cooktops, Toaster, Irons and if using near water ( to wash hands or dishes), please ensure your hot water temperature is set to a level where it will not scold your child upon use.

3. Flat and Solid Structures
Learning Towers can become safety hazards when they are used on uneven surfaces, or against structures that are not secure - this includes the sides of island benches. Ensure you have tested the stability of the Learning Tower before you allow your child to climb in.

4. Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Put it away! Yes, on the rare occasion when you are not using your Learning Tower, put it out of sight. Toddlers are curious little people and they will love to climb the Learning Tower if given the chance.

5. Check before Use
Always look over your Learning Tower before each use. Check for any spills or residue from previous cooking/play sessions. Also take a look at the structure of the Learning Tower making sure to re-tighten screws overtime if need be.