Safety Guidelines

Little Risers™ Learning Towers are designed to be used under 100% adult supervision and can be used as soon as your little one is confidently standing on their own.

Please note, if your toddler is a climber, then you may find that they try to climb in/out of the tower when you least expect it. For this reason, we insist on arms length supervision at all times and we suggest the tower be stored out of reach when not in use. 

We ask that you keep the following in mind at all times:

1. The age recommendations are a guide only. Parents and guardians should use their discretion based on each child’s individual size and ability.

2. Little Risers™ Learning Towers should only be used when your child’s hips are below the top railing.

3. Prior to use, ensure all dangerous and poisonous items are out of reach. Also ensure your Learning Tower is not placed near hot surfaces or items.

4. Little Risers™ Learning Towers are designed to be stood on. They are not designed to be rocked or lent out of.

5. Little Risers™ Learning Towers are designed to be used flush up against a solid structure such as a kitchen bench top, cupboard, bathroom vanity etc.

6. Your Learning Tower is only to be used on flat surfaces.

7. It is recommended that you routinely tighten all screws and check for any defects.

8. Adult supervision is required at all times. You use this product with any child at your own risk. We do not recommend any use of the product other than in accordance with our instructions.

9. Little Risers™ Learning Towers are not a toy. They are not designed to be used by children unattended or unsupervised and may pose serious risk for small children near ovens, hotplates, open flame or heat, sharp objects or similar.

10. This product is not suitable for infants who are not confident on their feet.

11. Little Risers™, including its employees, directors, contractors and all third party affiliates shall not be liable to you or any third party, directly or indirectly for any loss, liability, injury, damage, death or any claim which may arise from your use of our products or services in accordance with the instructions.